SEPLA to Launch Legal Action against Ryanair markets

SEPLA to Launch Legal Action against Ryanair

On Wednesday, the Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (SEPLA) stated that it would take a legal action against Ryanair over contracts that they say failed to follow the Spanish law.

December last year, the airline decided to recognize unions for the first time but it is struggling to formalize relations in some countries. Ryanair warned its pilots this week that it would face down “laughable demands” for conditions similar to high-cost rivals even if that meant strikes at Easter.

In a letter sent to memebers, SEPLA accused the management of Ryanair for failing to negotiate in good faith since the largest budget airline in Europe opened the recognition talks.

“After the last few weeks' events and based on the statements of our managers, it has become clear that Ryanair has no intention of negotiating with the pilots' representatives until they are forced to do so,” stated the letter.

“We have been naive in believing management really wanted to change the course of such toxic labor relations.”

SEPLA announced that it is planning to submit two lawsuits to Spain’s High Court regarding the contracts of the airline. The union said that they represent 500 of 800 pilots based in Spain.

Meanwhile, the airline said that it complied fully with all European Union and Spanish employment law, it also added that an appeal court reigning in the city of Valencia meant that Spanish courts had no jurisdiction over Ryanair pilot and cabin crew employment.

Last week, Ryanair got a boost when the airline struck its first formal recognition agreement with Michael O’Leary, Britain’s pilots’ association and chief executive.

According to some analysts, not all negotiations have gone smoothly. The airline had gone some considerable way in addressing some non-pay issues with their pilots.

“The contentious relationship with this - increasingly smaller - rump of pilots will rumble on for some time, with this the reason why management warned of possible negative PR from the threat of strikes leading up to the Easter holiday period,” the analysts stated.

“However, what is becoming clearer is that the risk to the group is diminishing daily as more pilots accept the pay offer, even where unions have lobbied against them doing so.”

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Peter Blake | February 07, 2018