UnionPay Hints Global Expansion opinion

UnionPay Hints Global Expansion

UnionPay is planned to instigate operations under Myanmar in the hopes of expanding its market range in the emerging markets of the country despite the heavy competition against credit card giants such as MasterCard and Visa. The China-based credit card brand has already expanded to various countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Democratic Republic of Congo and Myanmar is targeted next, hinting a possible global expansion in the coming years.

UnionPay is considered to be one of the largest bank cards group internationally by value of card operation for a starting company only operating for of 15 years. Out of the $21 trillion universal expenditures market, UnionPay currently has a firm 37%, according to reports.

Till now, UnionPay has instigated operations mostly and exclusively in China alone, appealing just 0.5% of the global market, unlike with Visa’s 50% and MasterCard’s 31

Specialists inspecting the credit card company say it has a strong administrative decree to take on Visa and MasterCard externally from China, which has evident efforts that flourish in a shocking manner in the country by the government alone. This carried end to end a disagreement amongst the World Trade Organization and China’s government for prejudicial judgment in 2012


UnionPay has likewise gotten its cards used in luxury stores in Europe such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry, which are endeavoring to entice prosperous Chinese travellers. These clients can use their cads in over 41 million stores in around 160 countries.

According to reports, new expertise and the obtainability of healthier statistics will validate UnionPay’s advantage over MasterCard and Visa.

China has a current account of delivering its local corporations with sustenance. This, fixed with China’s big expenditures on Fintech, may charm the fashion for UnionPay.

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Peter Blake | April 25, 2017