Facebook to Build Digital Training Centers technology

Facebook to Build Digital Training Centers

Facebook Inc. stated on Monday that it would open three new centers in Europe. This will help train people in digital skills and is committed to training one million people over the next two years, which is a part of the social media giant’s drive to show its involvement to the union.

The California-based social media giant, which has faced regulatory pressure in Europe over issues like privacy and antitrust, stated that the company would open three “community skills hubs” in Poland, Italy, and Spain. It will also invest 10 million euros, or $12.2 million in France through its artificial intelligence research facility.

“People are worried that the digital revolution is leaving people behind and we want to make sure that we're investing in digital skills to get people the skills they need to fully participate in the digital economy,” the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, said on a report.

The community hubs will be offering training on digital skills, media literacy, and online safety to groups who have a limited access to technology, including the refugees, young and old people.

Facebook is also dedicated to having trained one million people and business owners by 2020.

“Absolutely we want to make sure that people see that we are investing locally, we're investing in technology, we're investing in humans,” stated Sandberg.

The move of Facebook comes as EU states deliberate proposals to increase the tax bill of tech multinationals. This was after pressure from large states that accuse firms like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook for slashing their tax bills by re-routing their EU profits to low-tax countries such as Luxembourg and Ireland.

However, smaller EU countries, like Luxembourg or Malta, claim that a solo EU move on a corporate tax reform would harm its economy and favor competitors.

According to a report last year, European Union states could have lost 5.4 billion euros in tax revenues from Google and Facebook between 2013 and 2015.

This week, the executives of Facebook are spreading out across Europe to address the slow response of the social media giant to the abuses on its platform, seeking to avoid further legislation along the lines of a new hate speech law in Germany.

Meanwhile, with its Community Boost EU program, Facebook will work with small companies and start-ups to help them grow.

The company stated that it would conduct in-person training for 100,000 small and medium sized businesses by 2020. It would also conduct an online trading for 250,000 businesses.

“What we're finding is when small businesses use technology, when small businesses use Facebook, they hire,” added Sandberg.

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Allison W. Bennett | January 22, 2018